through FARNHAM

Take the gentle route. 

Linger and enjoy. 

Life is not a race. 

Visit Farnham and Stay a Little Longer


For today's modern-day folks, too often life is a rush. Get the 8.04 train to here and walk the day to there. Have to be there by 16.10 to make the bus connection to Nether Wallop. But there's a new movement. Those who want to enjoy the way and not make it a route-march. 

Join the new crowd. 

Pilgrimage from Winchester to Canterbury, from the shrine of St Swithun to the shrine of Thomas à Becket. From there, if you so desire, you can go further. Perhaps even to Santiago de Compostela or maybe to Rome. But this is not a race. 

Where the St Swithun's Way meets the North Downs Way stands Farnham. Not only is Farnham the meeting point of the ways, but the town is a great place to break your journey and Stay a Little Longer. 


The town of Farnham in Surrey sits 35 miles along the way at the junction of the St Swithun's Way and the North Downs. With its Church of St Andrew, plenty of hotels, restaurants and sites to see, this is an obvious place to take a rest day, two or three days into the walk. Ahead the rolling downs, behind the farmer's fields. You're at Farnham, pause ....


Adventure Awaits


Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims on an inspirational 153 mile journey from Farnham to Canterbury and the White Cliffs of Dover through a beautiful landscape rich in heritage.

Whether you're travelling on the classic Pilgrim's Way or the modern long-distance footpaths, enjoy walking through Farnham. Stay a Little Longer here. 


Whether you're coming from Winchester, Rochester, Southampton or London, all pilgrimage routes (in the UK) lead to Canterbury. The Way from Winchester follows, as faithfully as possible, the ancient Pilgrims' route. Much of the track has been subsumed by major roads, but this trail does its best to walk in ancient footsteps. 


This historic walk takes a rural path from Winchester, the capital of Saxon England, where Swithun was bishop in the ninth century. It can be considered as the first part of a modern Pilgrim’s Way since at Farnham it joins the North Downs Way National Trail that takes the walker on to Canterbury.

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